Our Speakers

Jithesh Panicker, FinOrion Pharma India Pvt. Ltd.

Overall Experience : This was a good summit providing great insights to the upcoming automation and QC techniques that has come up in the Pharmaceutical industry and the practices followed by different companies to bring automation and effective audit practices to stay ahead with the latest trends in the industry.

Deepshikha Koul, PharmaLex India Pvt. Ltd.

Thanks for a very interactive event! The overall experience has been very good and above expectation. Mostly such events when organised on a larger scale, tend to deviate from the core area of specialisation or interest, considering the diversity of delegates/participants. However, this summit has been very related to the chosen area of Quality compliance in pharma, and all the related speakers and Panels did justification by their presentations.

Sheetal Ghavale, FinOrion Pharma India Pvt. Ltd.

It was a really great Summit. Met so many people from various organizations. I really enjoyed the presentation providing great insights of current practices and upcoming changes in the Pharmaceutical industry.
A big thank you for your efforts to make the event awesome for us.

Shirish Ambulgekar, Sun Pharma, Mumbai

I want to compliment you and UBS Forums Team! The “Pharma QA QC Summit-2019” was well organised. The volunteers and staff were very pleasant and helpful. Selection of topics, speakers and sequence was awesome! It was a wonderful learning experience to all of us! I am sure the process is complex and tedious, but you all did an outstanding job, keep it up!

Dr. Jitender Khurana, Lupin Limited, Mumbai

It was nicely conducted and professionally managed. Congratulations, good show

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