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"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives."

- William A. Foster


Quality is an imperative pre requisite in any product, but more so, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. Maintaining and upholding International quality standards is crucial. Quality helps organizations build better credibility and consumer confidence, in addition to maintaining adherence to FDA regulations and improving production efficiency and processes.The world has gathered together to harmonize its practices and guides and the launching of the FDA current good manufacturing practices – the cGMP; for the 21st century – there has been a growing awareness for the significance of the quality of the pharmaceutical products.
The pharmaceutical industry are creating modular, continuous and scalable processes and manufacturing environments to meet cost and quality challenges head on. The Pharma QA & QC Summit 2020 is a premier knowledge exchange platform that brings senior professionals across the pharmaceutical industry to explore the best strategies & practices to stay competitive, by meeting the ever evolving quality standards of the industry.

Our Speakers

Key themes to be addressed, but not limited to:

  •    QA & QC - The need of the hour!

  •    Navigating Regulatory and Compliance challenge – Unravelling the complexity

  •    Tools for LC MS analysis of QC for Biopharmaceuticals

  •    Facing Audit with conviction and confidence

  •    Data Integrity - Backbone of the pharma industry

  •    Use of Quality Management Systems (QMS) for Validation

  •    Impurity Profiling – an emerging trend
  •    Reskilling to ensure Quality

  •    Technology Transfer

  •    Quality Culture - Imbibing it into the organisations DNA

  •    Automation – How Technology provides the edge foe QA & QC

  •    Handling and Managing Failures of Variation and Deviation

  •    Warning Letter Remediation

  •    Future of Pharma QA & QC – 2025 and Beyond!

Who should be a part of this Summit?

President, VP, AVP, Director, Head, Manager of:

  • Data Integrity
  • QA / QC
  • Product Development
  • IT Quality
  • Corporate Quality
  • Business Systems Analysts
  • Clinical Quality
  • Data Systems
  • Software / System validation
  • Regulatory Affairs and Compliance
  • Auditing

Benefits of Attending:

  • Understand the changing dynamics of QA & QC in the Pharma industry.
  • Learn about new technologies, new practices, and emerging standards.
  • Understand how to meet the expectation of Regulators.
  • Gain latest insights on Pharma QA & QC from senior leaders.
  • Expand your knowledge by attending sessions with formats designed to enhance learning.
  • Collaborate with peers on shared problems like system implementation, legacy systems, and new skill sets etc.
  • Get the newest updates in related to Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • Interact and Network with experts in the field, who will share their experience.

Sponsors benefit in Nutshell:

Partnering with the Pharma QA & QC Summit 2020 will enable you to brand and promote your business offerings to a unique and interested set of senior professionals from across the Pharmaceutical Industry. Conference attendees include senior professionals interested in updating their knowledge about latest tools technologies available in market and are involved in transforming the experience of their customers to the next level.
We have a set of standard branding solutions that we can customize based on your specific need. To maximize your participation, take a couple of minutes to connect with us to find out more on our audience profile.

How Sponsoring the Pharma QA & QC Summit 2020 will help you?

  • Learn from the industry - Know what the industry needs today: Know from the key decision makers what are the real trends and major challenges in Pharma industries in regards to quality they are facing, what are the apt solutions they are looking for etc. Know how your services will benefit them.

  • Know your customer one on one – Network and interact directly with your potential customers. This would help you identify if the customer is actually in the need of the solution, what are his major challenges, what is his budget for the same, what are the other options he is looking for in the market.

  • Build New Sales Leads – The conference is attended by the most senior-level decision makers, connecting with them in a collaborative environment by showcasing your services either by exhibiting or taking part in the programme, increases your chances of building strong sales pipeline and potential clients.

  • Brand Visibility – Showcasing your company at leading conferences attended by top pharma professionals head establishes your company, in the eyes of your prospects and your existing clients.

  • New Business Partnerships – Target your best prospects in a positive, collaborative environment where they are open to new ideas. Attendees are always looking for exciting new partnering opportunities. Our conferences offer you an ideal opportunity to make contact and future business.

  • Pre-Scheduled Meetings - Pre-scheduled 1:1 meetings with executives who hold budget and are specifically interested in your solutions.

Who will you meet?

MDs, CEOs, Presidents, VPs, AVPs, Directors, Heads, Chief Quality Officer:

  • QA / QC
  • Data Integrity
  • Product Development
  • Corporate Quality
  • IT Quality
  • Clinical Quality
  • Data Systems
  • Software / System validation
  • Regulatory Affairs and Compliance
  • Auditing

How the Sponsorship Work

  •   Showcasing your thought leadership and industry knowledge with a presentation or speaking at a panel.
  •   Displaying your products and services during networking breaks.
  •   Renew longstanding connections with existing clients and initiate new business with potential clients.
  •   We can help you reach the decision makers of your targeted list of companies.
  •   Chance to connect with them directly and build a network with them through 1-on-1 meetings.
  •   Advertising your logo and company profile in summit delegate kit and website.
  •   Premium brand positioning of your company logo on the conference backdrop
  •   Social media promotions and online marketing.